Adam Schefter: Jim Caldwell To Return As Lions Head Coach In 2017


The Lions, including GM Bob Quinn (who I suggested below, may not be on board with this decision on Caldwell) have confirmed the Schefter report that Caldwell will be back in 2017.



According to a tweet sent out early this morning from ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, Jim Caldwell will be returning as the Lions Head Coach in 2017:

Jim Caldwell has led the Lions to the playoffs in two of his three years as coach, but was on the hot seat after last season’s failures & losing 3 straight games to end 2016 and falling backwards into the playoffs.

The Lions have had minimal success under current Ford family ownership & making the playoffs in 2 of 3 years qualifies as success under the current circumstances. However, with a new GM in Bob Quinn & Caldwell being a holdover of the previous regime, it always seemed that Caldwell’s time in Detroit was coming to an end at any moment.

This report, could have been leaked for a few reasons beyond simply that Caldwell will be returning. it could have been “leaked” based on the speculation from the local media (and lowly bloggers! HI!) that Caldwell will be fired if he doesn’t win at Seattle on Saturday night & it was planted to try to keep the players focused.

The report & source for Schefter could have leaked this information to force Bob Quinn’s hand, as Caldwell is favored by ownership & it was rumored last year, after Quinn was hired, that it was mandated by the front office that Caldwell be kept on as Head Coach.

This report also says a lot about how the Lions organization is run, with contempt towards the local media from the Free Press, News, MLive, etc…, for asking tough questions about Caldwell’s job status, that a national ESPN reporter has the scoop instead of one of the dozen or so reporters that cover this team on a daily basis.

After the Lions lost on Sunday night to the Green Bay Packers, their third straight to end the season & lose out on the first ever NFC North title, most Lions fans didn’t blame Matthew Stafford‘s finger, Darius Slay‘s hamstring, DeAndre Levy‘s knee, Travis Swansons‘ brain injury, Riley Rieff’s hip or any other injury or moment.

The big loss was simply written off as “Same Ol’ Lions” which is such a common phrase for the on field losses & shortcomings. But, the true placement of “Same Ol’ Lions” should be directed at the ownership that has overseen this franchise as one of the worst in professional sports since they took over in 1963.

The only consistency is the owners running this franchise with out any success, 11 playoff appearances in 54 season in control, 1 of 4 teams to never even make a Super Bowl, and the only team of those 4 to have played in every season since the Super Bowl’s inception.

This decision, if true, to keep Caldwell, is more “Same Ol’ Lions” than any of the recent on field failures from players that only spend a few years, if that, as a part of the franchise.







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