Tigers Not Finding Trade Returns Adequate; Could Keep Roster Intact For 2017

The Detroit Tigers were looking to save money this off season while “getting younger” as General Manager Al Avila put it at his end of season press conference.

Unfortunately, with the new CBA in place & too many free agents available, the Tigers are having a difficult time making moves. This also comes after more recent comments from Al Avila that the team is still looking to compete in 2017.

What is more likely happening, based on rumors that the Dodgers & Giants had interest in Ian Kinsler & J.D. Martinez respectively, is that the Tigers were looking for a very nice prospect return, instead were offered middle tier prospects & Avila decided to go back to the drawing board.

As we noted last week, the new CBA increased the luxury tax limit, pushing it just beyond the Tigers current roster commitments, allowing for them to make a few minor moves & keep the roster that finished just a few games out of the playoffs, intact.

A recent series of Tweets from Ken Rosenthal sheds a lot of light on the Tigers current off season conundrum:

What this really looks like, is that the Tigers are interested in saving money & if they move a big name, want a big return. However, finding the trade market not in their favor, it does look as though Avila may eat some salary on a few players (Anibal Sanchez, Mike Pelfrey) they aren’t expecting much from, to save cash & provide a buffer to the $195 million luxury tax threshold.

Thursday morning is also the Rule 5 draft, a place where the Tigers could pick up an additional bullpen arm to try to add some depth to a shallow group.

The bullpen has been a problem during the past decade run at the World Series & with no movement in it this year, still looks like it could be a problem, but there are plenty of veteran relief pitchers on the open market right now, they could add one or two on the cheap & still make a play to win the AL Central, a division that now has 3 teams (Twins, White Sox, Royals) already rebuilding.



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