Podcast Episode 13

Welcome to another fine edition of the Motor City Sports Talk Podcast!

That’s Michael Douglas in the image in a scene from a fantastic mid 90’s movie, Falling Down, where you spend a day with his character who has the worst day of his life…this is what this past sports week has felt like to most Detroit Sports fans.

Beers were drank, bad language was used, creepy clowns were brought up & a bug was crawling on Jeff & disrupted the show for a moment…we also talked about:

  • The Tigers losing 2 of 3 from Atlanta & missing the playoffs!
  • The Lions losing to a terrible Chicago Bears team & looking like a bottom 5 NFL team!
  • MSU Spartans Football losing on the road to unranked Indiana & looking like a lost season already!
  • Jeff got to talk about UM Football so he was happy.

Overall, it was quite the uplifting show.




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