Calvin Johnson Retires On The Eve Of Free Agency

There isn’t much to say about Calvin Johnson retiring at this point. He’s been hampered by finger and ankle injuries the past few seasons. He hasn’t practiced fully for the team in a few years and has even started missing time due to the violent nature of today’s NFL game.

He took hit after hit & all for 2 career playoff games and 0 post season wins. Calvin Johnson was an amazing football player that was in a league of his own in regards to the other Wide Receivers.

Unfortunately for him he retires with out a championship of any sort, but he probably retired early enough that his football related injuries will heal & he can live what most would call a normal life.

In the NFL today players are retiring earlier & earlier due to more studies & research coming out about how difficult life is past 40 for former NFL players, it makes sense to walk away now.



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