Lions Updates: GM Search, Calvin Johnson Retirement Rumors

A quick update on the recent news of the Lions lining up a few interviews for the open General Manager position starting with Kevin Abraham, New York Giants Assistant GM, Bob Quinn, New England Patriots Director of Pro Scouting & Trent Kirchner, the Co-Director of Player Personnel in Seattle.

Of these three candidates, only Kevin Abraham was a person on the radar as of last week. The other people on the radar, most notably Eliot Wolf, Eric DeCosta & Nick Caserio have declined any interest in the Lions. This speaks volumes about the view of the Detroit Lions franchise, the most qualified & talked about front office people in the NFL would rather stay in their current role than even interview with the Lions.

Kevin Abraham is the mastermind of the New York Giants incredible salary cap position (they are ALWAYS flush with cap room, unlike the Lions, who never have any room) so he brings that knowledge to this potential role. However, Abraham was not directly involved in acquiring talent with the Giants in his current role, so there are some questions about his ability to identify NFL talent.

With current Interim General Manager Sheldon White also being granted an interview, don’t expect to get too excited about the hire, whenever & whoever it may be. The only sign that things COULD get better are if the Lions do actually hire someone from outside the organization, even then, there is a good chance the person is in over their head.

The other major news to come out this week is the Terry Foster “exclusive” that he THINKS Calvin Johnson could THINK about retirement. Terry Foster claims he has no inside information or sources on this, its just a hunch. So, of course, Twitter ran with it.

But, based on this, people have started talking about Johnson’s cleaning out of his locker, his injuries, his body language & his contract status. has some interesting points on what Johnson could be doing here, most notably, forcing the Lions hand. If the Lions are worried that Johnson could retire & leave them with out time to find a replacement & with out the financial ability to sign some one else, they could cut him, save $11 million & Johnson could go find a new team on his own.

It is also a bargaining chip to use in a potential re-negotiation of his contract, as he is set to make much more money that his production is worth over the next two years, he could agree to a new contract, providing the Lions then trade him to a list of only a few teams.

Ultimately, Calvin Johnson could retire, he may be sick of losing & being hurt all the time, but he still has a good amount of football left in him & at only 31 years old, he seems much more likely to still be in the NFL next year. Its just hard to see him as a Lion in 2016 unless they don’t try to force him into a re-negotiation for less money.



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