Lions Clean House; Fire Mayhew & Lewand


In a bit of shocking news, the Detroit Lions & Martha Ford, specifically, have relieved President of the team, Tom Lewand & General Manager, Martin Mayhew, of their duties.

This move was not unexpected and was definitely something that the organization desperately needed, however, with Martha Ford running the team, many believed that Tom Lewand, who was a favorite of her late husband, William Clay Ford, would never be truly removed from the franchise.

Despite this breaking story, this is only half of the big step needed to fix this very troubled franchise. This organization needs to bring in a proven, successful front office mind to take control of every aspect of the franchise & change things from the top down, if they are to ever have a chance at success.

Someone like Ted Thompson, the General Manager of the Green Bay Packers, who has been incredibly successful & studied under some of the best people in the NFL would be a great choice to take over & rejuvenate this team.

In today’s NFL, with the Lions as bad as they have been, the right person can turn the team around in about 3 years. With the right high-end draft picks & shedding of salary, the Lions could field an actually competitive team starting in 2018 or 2019 & be competitive for multiple years, something those of us in Detroit have never knows.

This was a good, bold & correct initial move by Martha Ford, but much more needs to be done and it needs to be done right.

edit: this was changed to reflect that Brian Xanders will not be the interim GM of the Lions, Sheldon White will be.



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