Lions Fire Offensive Coordinator, Two Assistants; Missing Big Picture

via Detroit Free Press

This afternoon the Detroit Lions fired their embattled Offensive Coordinator, Joe Lombardi and two Offensive Line Coaches, Jeremiah Washburn & Terry Heffernan.

Amid recent reports from the Detroit Free Press that Martha Ford is running the Lions, Jim Caldwell addressed the idea that he was in touch with her about the decision (from the post):

Caldwell said he made the decisions without consulting with owner Martha Ford, but added, “I’m sure they’re supportive.”

This is surprising on a few fronts, first, again, that William Clay Ford, Jr’s 90 year old widow is involved in the day to day operations of the Detroit Lions when she spent the previous 50 years or so, nowhere near the team. Second, that Caldwell claims that he didn’t have to consult with the organizations matriarch to fire 3 reasonably high level employees mid season.

The bigger picture of this news however, is how the Lions as an organization once again miss the big picture. The offense has not worked under Lombardi, but the organization has been among the worst run franchises in all major sports in the country under this ownership group.

This firing is on the level of Volkswagen putting the blame for the emissions test cheating software used on 11 million vehicles worldwide on a couple of Senior Engineers. It was a company wide issue that should be resulting in most, if not all of the senior leadership at VW losing their jobs.

Much like the Lions, this is not an issue of Lombardi not running an efficient offense (he wasn’t) but, this is the Detroit Lions organization being rotten from the inside & everything needs to be cleaned out. That includes ownership, but that probably won’t happen, so the chances of VW recovering from their mess is much greater than the Lions recovering from their own mess.




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