Detroit Tigers Free Agent Outlook

Baseball is still being played? Fine, doesn’t mean we can’t beg for the offseason to start already.

We gave our breakdown a few weeks ago on 12 potential Tigers free agent targets (O’Day, Webb are two I’d personally love to see signed) but now, the fantastic, MLB Trade Rumors breaks down their Tigers offseason outlook.

They do a great job of breaking down current financial commitments 7, potential free agents leaving & arbitration & club options, but the important part is the national view of what the Tigers will do this winter:

Pitchers, both starting & relief.

The big takeaway is here (emphasis mine):

While I find a pursuit of Price, Zack Greinke or Johnny Cueto too drastic a measure, I’d imagine we’ll see the Tigers mentioned in connection with those names before ultimately landing a pair of mid-rotation arms and multiple relievers.

Unfortunately I agree with them, as exciting as it would be to sign Greinke, the Tigers just don’t have the ability to commit a sizable contract to yet another aging pitching.

Two names they do mention as the most likely fit for the rotation are Doug Fister & Jeff Samardzija with Wei-Yin Chen mentioned as well.

Now, while these are not exciting, put the team over the top names, these are pitchers that can help the Tigers improve immensely as solid performers that can eat innings & allow the new, young arms develop a bit more in the minors.

While all of this is pure conjecture at this point in time, MLB Trade Rumors does project the Tigers to be quite active in free agency & willing to spend up to be competitive again in 2016, which is all we need for the time being.




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