5 Candidates to Take Over As Lions General Manager

The Lions are 0-3 and look lost. There are so many problems with this team that start way up in the organization and reach all the way down to the on-field product.

Martin Mayhew took over as General Manager of the Lions from Matt Millen in 2008 and since then they have had just 2 winning seasons. Mayhew has also overseen some of the worst drafts in the NFL in recent seasons, including having 0 players left on the roster from the 2010 & 2011 drafts.

The answer is not as simple as moving on from Matthew Stafford or firing Jim Caldwell. This team needs a new General Manager (and president as well, as Tom Lewand needs to go too) that doesn’t have ties to Matt Millen & the worst stretch of football in NFL history.

Here are a few candidates in the NFL that would be an improvement over the current, losing regime:

Nick Caserio – Director of Player Personnel, New England Patriots

Every list of potential executives needs to include at least 1 person from the Patriots, the internet mandates it. Caserio is our choice to be this person. He interviewed with the Dolphins previously so he is not intent on staying in New England, could be a good hire to come in and change the losing culture that has existed longer than most of the Lions fans have been alive.

Scott Pioli, Assitant General Manager, Atlanta Falcons

Pioli has previous GM experience & previous Patriots experience. He was the lead in Kansas City that help build most of the current team there which includes a long list of successful draft picks. Currently working in Atlanta where they are shifting coaching staffs & avoiding a complete re-build quite nicely.

Terry McDonough, Vive President Player Personnel, Arizona Cardinals

Let’s just all remember that the Saints, Lions & Cardinals were the only teams to not have been to a Super Bowl that existed during all Super Bowl years. Well, now its just the Lions & the Cardinals are a perennial playoff contender.

Eric DeCosta, Assistant General Manager, Baltimore Ravens

Outside of the Patriots & Packers, the Ravens are the gold standard of NFL organizations, in terms of consistently contending. DeCosta is long rumored to be taking over for Ozzie Newsome when he finally retires, so dragging DeCosta out of Baltimore may not be possible, but he should be given a phone call anyway.

Eliot Wolf, Director Player Personnel, Green Bay Packers

Wolf is just 33 years old but he is the son of Ron Wolf, Packers former GM & has spent 12 years in a personnel role in Green Bay. Green Bay has been able to draft & develop more NFL talent than any other team over the past decade. Wolf may be young and may not want to leave Green Bay, but he is a rising star in front office circles & could shake things up in Detroit.

There are 5 potential replacements from outside the organization that would be an immediate improvement over the current failing management staff. One other option would be from in-house and that is Brian Xanders, who is the Director of Player Personnel for the Lions & former Broncos GM.

Xanders had a large role in the current Broncos roster & is a forward thinking person when it comes to evaluating talent.




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