Would You Trade Matthew Stafford for Tony Romo Today?

The Detroit Lions are 0-2 and looking at a tough stretch of games, possibly going 0-5 or even 0-6.

The Dallas Cowboys are 2-0 but lost Dez Bryant, their top receiver in game 1 and Tony Romo, their QB in game 2.

We all know that Jerry Jones is a wild card, makes crazy moves and loves Texas born players. Matthew Stafford is from Dallas and despite some funky ribs right now, still healthy enough to play football this year.

So let me pose a question: Would you trade Matthew Stafford & his entire contract to the Dallas Cowboys, today, for Tony Romo, his entire contract & his broken collar bone?

This would send Stafford back to his home state, playing for Scott Linehan again, the Offensive Coordinator during which he had his most successful seasons. It would also give the Cowboys a chance to continue to lead what appears to be a much weaker than expected NFC East Division.

This would leave the Lions with Dan Orlovsky at Quaterback & most certainly a 3 to 5 win season & the thing we are all so used to in Detroit, a high draft pick.

This would also provide the Lions a good option at QB in 2016, but more importantly, an older, closer to retirement QB. Which would put the Lions closer to being out from under an enormous salary cap crushing number & one step closer to their next QB.

To win in the NFL you need to be able to spread your money around, but in Detroit, where 40% of the salary cap is spent on Stafford, Calvin Johnson & dead money, to players like Reggie Bush & Ndamukong Suh, who are no longer even on the team.

This team could be closer to a re-build than the playoffs, again, but like the Tigers, if they make the right moves, quick enough, they could shorten the re-build time. But, it would have to start with a crazy move like Stafford for Romo.

Which will not happen, but are the types of things that the front office needs to discuss & consider.




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