Franzen Says One More Hit & He’s Done; Why Risk It?

Johan Franzen has been out since January when he suffered another concussion. This concussion was different, he had trouble getting out of bed, couldn’t pick up his young children & suffered depression as a result. And that was just from trying to do daily activities, not trying to work out or play in an NHL game.

He recently stated that after long workouts his brain “shuts down” yet was still cleared to return to regular activities by a Neurosurgeon from the University of Michigan.

In an interview with Brad Galli of WXYZ Channel 7 he talked about the aftermath of his latest concussion and I recommend watching the interview, but the upshot here is the following:

“If I would get a really bad hit again and I would feel the same way again, that’s probably it,” Franzen said on a late afternoon during training camp in Traverse City, Michigan.

One more hit to the head, and the 35-year old Swede says he’ll say goodbye to hockey.

The problem I see with the above statement is that Franzen is risking another shot to the head in the first place. Later in the interview he says (emphasis mine):

Franzen said his doctor told him another head injury wouldn’t worsen his condition, “it might be the same,” and he said he “might have some issues.”

He “might” have some issues? He just spent 9 months being unable to fully function, he spent that time depressed & unable to play with his children. Another local athlete recently tried to work his way back from a series of bad concussions, however, Jahvid Best’s family stepped in and did not allow him to take that “one more shot” to the head that Franzen says will tell him its time to hang it up.

If he’s that close to hanging it up, those close to him need to step in. The Red Wings organization and his teammates need to step in. Johan Franzen should not be allowed to risk “one more” hit to the head.




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