Are The Lions Worth Watching This Weekend?

The Lions started strong in week 1, then ended in “Same Ol’ Lions” fashion, blowing a big lead and not really threatening to win after halftime. The Lions have been ruining Detroiter’s Sundays in the fall for generations and last week was no different.

So that leads us to an important question: Are the Lions even worth watching in week 2?

Lets take a closer look:

My first reaction is “Its just 1 game, sure, I’ll watch” so here’s why you should:

  • The game is at Minnesota, who looked lost & terrible on the road in week 1, so they should have a good chance at getting a rare road win
  • Adrian Peterson is back after a year off and is still most likely one of the best Running Backs in the game that has torched the Lions for his entire career, but he looked quite rusty, so playing him early is definitely an advantage
  • Calvin Johnson
  • I do want to see what Ameer Abdullah can do against a Vikings defense that allowed Carlos Hyde to run for 160 yards and 2 TDs
  • The game is at 1pm, so there is plenty of time after the game to drink away the memory of the Lions going “Same Ol’ Lions” if they do it again
  • Getting an in-division road win is valuable, so this game is important
  • The Vikings kicker, Blair Walsh, is doing to the Vikings what the Lions kickers did to them last year, so watching it happen to some one else is funny

However, this is the Lions, they have a history of never being good in 2 straight seasons, so there’s a good chance this season is already going down the tubes, do you really want to watch that? This is why you should spend one of the last few Sunday’s we have left in Michigan doing something other than watching this inept franchise:

  • They will tear your heart out when you think they’ve finally turned a corner
  • Matthew Stafford still looks lost in this offense
  • The Offensive line is a mess & gives Stafford no time to wait 5 seconds before launching the ball to Calvin Johnson 80 yards down the field into triple coverage
  • Ameer Abduallah looks like he’s going to be a great player, but the Lions drafted him in the 2nd round, so every game you watch, you run the risk of watching him suffer a horrific, career ending injury
  • Adrian Peterson looks rusty, so  it will hurt that much more when he rushes for 200 yards & 3 TDs
  • Jim Caldwell has no facial expressions & it is annoying
  • They will miss at least 2 Field Goals
  • That horrible Viking horn that always goes off
  • The amount of alcohol you will inevitably drink during this game will leave you unconscious by 3:30 PM on a Sunday
  • Eric Ebron will drop a pass and you’ll look at Twitter & be forced to see a list of players drafted after Ebron in last year’s draft from everyone you follow
  • Its the Lions, they are in the business of crushing your spirit

The final verdict this week is:


Its a 50/50 toss up this week, still early, they could rebound over last weeks laugher, but there is a history of the Lions not doing well in Minnesota & the weather is supposed to be nice, so maybe going outside and playing with your kids (or sitting inside a bar so you can watch multiple games at once) is the better option.




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