Ohio State Writer Gives MSU First Place Vote, It Means Nothing

Over the weekend, the Michigan State Spartans defeated the Oregon Ducks at Spartan Stadium, to improve to 2-0 and have the best out of conference win so far in all of College Football.

After Saturday night’s big win, the AP poll was released on Sunday afternoon, with the Spartans moving up one spot, from #5 to #4, but more surprisingly, earning 2 first place votes from somewhere in the country.

For the first time this year, Ohio State did not receive 100% of the first place votes in the AP Poll and until Sunday evening, no one knew who vote MSU #1 instead of OSU.

In an article about his AP ballot and how he filled it out, Doug Lesmerises, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer’s Ohio State Buckeyes Bear Writer explains that:

As always, I vote on results. The Spartans’ win over Oregon, though at home and against a team without a quarterback quite like last year’s Heisman winner, Marcus Mariota, was the best win in the country so far.

Lesmerises explains that the instructions in the poll encourage each writer to vote based on results, which he states, Ohio State doesn’t quite have yet. Which is not a knock on OSU so far, just that their schedule didn’t allow them to earn his first place vote (even though they looked quite shaky against Hawaii) & that MSU won’t keep the vote until they lose, but until someone else has a big win, like the Spartans had over the Ducks.

The most important part of Lesmerises article comes at the end when he points out an often overlooked fact:

These polls are meaningless. The 13-member College Football Playoff selection committee doesn’t care about them. That group will pick the four teams for the playoff and determine the teams in New Year’s Day bowls.

That group’s first rankings will come out on Nov. 3.

Which is true, there is no reason for Ohio State fans to be upset with Lesmerises & MSU fans can enjoy a highly ranked team but, this poll, the Amway Coaches Poll & the Super 16 Poll have no bearing on anything.

Lesmerises does a good job of filling out his bracket, willing to alter it greatly from week to week based on each teams’ on field performance, but ultimately, all these are meaningless & the real poll doesn’t come out until November.




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