We’re Back!

After almost a year off from updating the site due to expanding families in the MCST family, we are coming back to explain why what you heard on Detroit sports radio isn’t correct, what you read from Drew Sharp is way off and help you understand that even though Ndamukong Suh is leaving and Max Scherzer has already left, the high expectations of the Lions and Tigers did not leave with them.

Its March 5th so that means that the busy sports calendar is picking up with Spring Training, NHL & NBA Playoff pushes, NFL Free Agency and Draft talk, March Madness, Spring Football for NCAA teams & the Masters is right around the corner, so this seemed like the perfect time to fire back up the site.

So look for new content in the coming weeks and remember that the Tigers still play in the AL Central, so a division title should still be the expectation for the season, that Suh leaving the Lions means they can replace him with more depth that they clearly needed last year and did not have and remember, never underestimate Tom Izzo in March, no matter how frustrating his team was during the regular season.



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