Are The Tigers a World Series Championship Team at This Point?

After one medium (and quality) move by Dave Dombrowski and one quite large move as well, the Tigers roster is, pending Jhonny Peralta suspension, set for the rest of the season.

As was stated on MCST before, the Tigers did not need to make a move for an established closer, as Joaquin Benoit can do the job, so can Drew Smyly, so the need was more for an established, late inning reliever, to push the rest of the roles back a step.

What Dombrowski did, by acquiring Jose Veras was to provide another set up man and pitcher that can step in to pitch the 9th in a pinch.  And Veras is signed for 2014 as well, which eases the concern for the price the Tigers paid for him (its my belief that Danry Vasquez has the better future than Avisail Garcia, due to better plate discipline at lower levels and younger age).

Then, with the Biogenesis information coming in fast and unverified, Dombrowski could not sit back and either hope that Peralta would not be suspended or try to use Hernan Perez at Shortstop, despite playing 2nd base all year, Ramon Santiago, who hasn’t hit a lick all year or Argenis Diaz, Toledo’s Shortstop, a 26 year old with 22 career games under his belt.

So what Dombrowski did, trading Avisail Garcia, for a 23 year old defensive Shortstop (that has played way above his career numbers offensively this year) was a fantastic move.  What Jose Iglesias brings is incredible defense at a position the Tigers haven’t had in years and he is cheap and under team control for 5 more years, allowing the Tigers to finally stop worrying about the Shortstop positions, something they have constantly looked to improve ever since moving Carlos Guillen from the spot after the 2007 season.

What this does for the Tigers, bringing in an additional veteran, late inning arm to the bullpen AND dramatically improving the Defense up the middle does improve this team.  The drop off that would be expected from Peralta to Iglesias is easily made up for with Iglesias’ glove can be minimized by the incredible bats of Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, Torii Hunter & Victor Martinez.

Also, with Alex Avila coming on in July, if he can sustain the offense he put up in July through the end of the year, then I believe the Tigers will absolutely be in a strong position to win the World Series.

Dave Drombrowski was able to address two issues on the team, the bullpen and the defense and once again, has put them as favorites to make a far run in the playoffs.



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