Can Austin Jackson Score 150 Runs?

Can Austin Jackson become the third player since 1940 to score 150 runs in a single season?  The Tigers have a very powerful offense and Austin Jackson is the table setter for it and will score a lot of runs at the top of it through out the year, but can a player who’s career high is 103 make a jump that big?

With the likelihood of Miguel Cabrera repeating his extremely rare Triple Crown very low, its time to look at other potential rare achievements that could be attained this season from various Tigers players, starting with Jackson’s run at 150 times crossing the plate this year.

But, 150 runs in a single season is very uncommon, happening outside of 1880-1948 time frame just twice.  By Ted Williams in 1949 with exactly 150 runs and by Jeff Bagwell in 2000 with 152.  Also of note, early season success is usually brushed off with the simple phrase of “small sample sizes” but, Jackson has 25 runs scored in the Tigers first 24 games played, putting him at a pace to score more than 160 runs this season.

160 runs is almost out of the question, the all time record is 177 from Babe Ruth in 1921 and the modern day record is just 152 from Bagwell.  There is almost no question that Jackson won’t be able to keep up a run per game pace for the entire season, but scoring at just under it with this line up behind him is attainable.

Jackson started the season on a tear and has fallen off recently, getting on base at just a .261 pace over the last 10 games, yet still managed to score 6 runs during those games.  This type of production during slumps is what will help him chase the 150 runs total this season, as he is a notoriously streaky hitter and will go through stretches like this current one.

Jackson also has the ability to score in bunches, masking up for low scoring periods like the beginning of the season when it appeared no one could get him out and he scored runs in all but 2 of the first 14 games.

Through the ups and downs of an MLB season, Jackson will go through stretches of getting on base at a .600 clip and just a .250 clip. But, even if he finishes at his .377 OPB from last year, with the veteran line up behind him that has already been knocking him in at a crazy pace, he has a real chance at crossing that elusive total and joining some very rare company.

End of one month of baseball and he’s certainly on pace for it and it is definitely something to keep an eye on through out the 2013 season.



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