1st round could be very eventful for the Lions

Its draft day so rumors are swirling and out of control on what every team will do.  Important to us, is what will the Lions do?

Could the Lions simply take the best player available to them at #5, either Eric Fisher, Luke Joekell, Lane Johnson, Dee Milliner or Ziggy Ansah then go home?  Yes, they could, but that would be boring and Martin Mayhew usually isn’t boring on draft day.

More likely is that the Lions draft at #5 the best player they see, then when another player, at a position of need (whatever they didn’t take at #5 of LT, G, DE or CB) dropping down the board to #20 or later, they could trade back into the round and snatch up another instant starter.

The players to keep an eye out for in this scenario are Kenny Vaccaro, Safety from Texas; Jarvis Jones, LB from Georgia; Bjoern Werner, DE form Florida State;  or either Guard, Chance Wormak from Alabama or Jonathon Cooper from North Carolina.

In order to do this, they will either give up their 2nd round or 3rd round pick, plus some others OR (more likely) they will trade next years 1st round pick and a 4th-7th round pick this year to do so.  Mayhew’s thought process being, a late round pick won’t help this year and next years 1st round pick may be made by another person if he doesn’t get this team turned around.

If they do trade next years 1st round pick, they would then have 3 picks in the top 35, which should all be instant starters and vastly improve this team that has the best WR in the game, a top 5 QB and solid defense foundation, therefore immediately challenging for the playoffs.

The other rumor for the Lions is using their 4th round pick to swap spots with the Raiders at #3 but I don’t think the Lions use that pick just to move up 2 spots, not when you need multiple impact players in the draft, not just 1.

So, buckle in tonight, the Lions look to be VERY active and probably walk away with more than 1 player tonight.



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