With Roster Set, What To Expect From Tigers in 2013

With the final cut coming just moments ago, the Tigers have optioned Danny Worth to Toledo, the roster is now set for Opening Day.

Worth was sent down today, most likely because Dombrowski couldn’t find a taker for Ramon Santiago in a trade, therefore the man with the options, as almost always, becomes the odd man out.

The Opening Day Roster will look like this:

Starters: Verlander, Scherzer, Fister, Sanchez, Porcello

Bullpen: Coke, Albuquerque, Villareal, Downs, Smyly, Benoit, Dotel

Catcher: Avila, Pena

Infield: Fielder, Infante, Peralta, Cabrera, Santiago, Martinez (DH)

Outfield: Dirks, Jackson, Hunter, Tuiasosopo

Other: Don Freaking Kelly

So with that you can make your own conclusion on 2013.  Very similar to 2012, no major changes to a team that went to the World Series, except for some better outfield defense, a better DH and no Closer (two of which are addition by subtraction).

This team will win games early in the year, they will sustain an injury or two, they will scuffle, ultimately putting things together to win the AL Central for the third straight year and once again, try to win that World Series before Mike Illitch dies.

I am writing this as much for other fans as for myself, as it is inevitable, when, in mid May to early June, I am screaming at Jim Leyland for resting Cabrera and Fielder on a Sunday afternoon for no reason with Verlander on the mound and the team won’t scratch together two straight hits all afternoon.

This team will put it together when it counts, there will be worrying, complaining and ultimately, winning…eventually.  This is not the 1927 Yankees.  110 games will not be won.  But enough will be won to make the playoffs and that is all that is needed in the end.

So sit back, wait a few more days and the Boys of Summer will arrive to entertain us all year and try to bring that elusive World Series title back to Detroit.  Even if Don Kelly is on the roster.




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