Meet Your New Lions

The Lions made some important moves yesterday in Free Agency, helping this team become better, with out risking much of the future to do so.  Signing Reggie Bush, Glover Quin and Jason Jones and resigning Chris Houston are all great moves, on paper.

Reggie Bush is the flashy name but he is also an extremely hard worker that puts in his time to make himself better.  He showed in Miami that he can carry the ball inside and be a more complete back than New Orleans was willing to let him do.  He worked tirelessly before and during his time on two very bad Miami teams to be the best player he could be, he has a Super Bowl ring, he has the speed to get outside and can catch the ball out of the backfield, exactly what the Lions need on offense right now.

Glover Quin has been as steady in the secondary as the Lions have been terrible in the secondary.  Quin has missed just one game in his four year career and has started 59 of 64 possible games.  He played in a secondary in Houston that had veterans Daniel Manning and Jonathon Joseph to learn from as a young player out of New Mexico.  More than the big name here, the Lions need consistency, Louis Delmas is a fantastic player that the Lions may still resign, but his injuries caused to many changes in the secondary and that is where Quin comes in and solidifies things.

Jason Jones is a local Detroiter that wanted to play for the Lions and along side Nick Farily and Ndmakong Suh.  So he will get his chance to prove he’s more than a back up with Jim Schwartz, who knows him from his time in Tennessee.  Much like the Lawrence Jackson trade a few years ago, the Lions are hoping that an underrated outside rusher will thrive in their Wide-9 defense along side two DT’s that command double teams.

Finally the Lions resigned Chris Houston, who was the lone bright spot last year at corner.  Houston has been a solid player and leader for the Lions since coming over from Atlanta and will continue to be one.

Moving forward, the Lions will probably sign another DE, possibly resigning Lawrence Jackson or another similar, cheaper player.  They will look to resign Delmas or fill his starting spot with someone that maybe doesn’t have the high end potential of him but is much less of an injury risk.

They will also look to fill a WR opening, or, may use their 2nd round draft pick on one.  After Titus Young and Ryan Broyles, drafting more WRs isn’t what the fans want to hear, but they do need some one opposite Calvin Johnson that isn’t coming off of a season ending injury.  And at least Mayhew is only using 2nd round picks on WRs, not all our top 10 picks, like Millen.

Also, if he can be had for 1 or 2 years, look for the Lions to take a run at former Dolphins CB Sean Smith or a similar player.  The market was deep and the big contracts have been given out, now its time for bargain shopping and players hoping to cash in on a short deal with some great play.  This is where the Lions could really help out the defense, by bringing in a solid veteran opposite Chris Houston.



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