Revis to Lions Rumors

Ed Werder from ESPN and Jason La Canfora from CBS Sports have both mentioned Detroit as a destination for Darrelle Revis, the Pro Bowl Cornerback for the Jets.

Both are quite quality reporters with good sources, so if they are mentioning Detroit as a location, then there is some level of interest on either the Lions part or the Jets.

The Lions interest makes sense, Cornerback is a huge hole, Revis is the best in the game, if he’s on the market, kick the tires.  The Jets could be pushing the Lions into the conversation since the more teams in the picture, the more they could get.

This seems in the “one in a million” category, but the question I posed to a few writers and friends yesterday was “Would you trade the 2nd round pick for Revis, contract as it is now?”

That is a peculiar point, Revis is coming off ACL surgery, has only 1 year remaining on his contract and has stated he wants to be paid as the top defensive player in the league.  The 5th overall pick is off limits, too many holes to lose that pick, especially with the rookie wage scale keeping the costs of that player down.

The 3rd round pick is a no brainier, do that in a heart beat, which means the Jets will want WAY more than a 3rd rounder.  But would you trade the 37th overall pick for only 1 guaranteed year of Revis Island?

2nd this year and a 4th next year or 2nd and 2nd next year could be the asking price but it is tough to say with out that extension and with the continual cap issues the Lions have.

Again, this is 99.99999% not happening, but it is the offseason and its always fun to play Lions GM and do a better job…speaking of that, I think it’s time to revisit the 2009 Draft on Wikipedia and play the “who we could have had” game.



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