Happy 2013 From MCST

2013 will be a good year for detroit sports...i swear

It is officially 2013 so a year that was looking promising for all of us Detroit Sports fans but wasn’t is finally over.  In 2012 the following happens to our beloved teams:

  • Detroit Red Wings were unceremoniously dispatched from the Stanley Cup Playoffs in the first round then the entire “12” portion of the 2012-13 season was cancelled.
  • The Detroit Tigers had ups and downs all year, struggling but eventually winning the AL Central, then making it to the World Series, only to be swept in what seemed like a match up where only the Giants showed up.
  • The Michigan State Basketball team surprised most people and managed to earn a #1 seed in the NCAA tournament after winning just their 2nd ever B1G Ten Tournament…then lost in the Sweet 16 in an awful game to Louisville and were the first #1 seed ousted from the tournament.
  • The Michigan State Football team was a preseason favorite to return to the B1G Championship game and had high expectations for the season of going to the Rose Bowl…the season ended with an ugly win for just their 7th of the year in the Buffalo Wild Wings (West) Bowl on December 29th instead of a January 1st bowl game.
  • The Michigan Basketball team had high expectations as well going into the tournament but was beat by THE Ohio Bobcats in the first round (However, they have had quite the “12” of their “12-13” schedule so far).
  • The Michigan Football team, also with high expectations in 2012, only won 8 games and their losses included being embarrassed on national TV against Alabama to open the season and losses to rivals Notre Dame and Ohio State, but at least ended with a Jan 1 bowl.
  • The Detroit Pistons were bad…but not bad enough to get Anthony Davis with the first overall pick, they were middling bad, which usually doesn’t lead to the ability to draft impact players that can turn around franchises.
  • Then there was the Detroit Lions in 2012:
    • Blown out in a loss in the NFL Playoffs to the Saints that included more personal foul penalties that were not needed and absurd.
    • 7 total off season arrests, mostly for Marijuana possession, two drunk drivings and an assault with a fire arm.
    • 2010 first round draft pick, Jahvid Best’s inability to return from concussions, with many speculating his career is over.
    • Continued traffic incidents for Ndamekong Suh (really needs to hire a driver…I know a guy, VelveteenRabbit…fantastic driver).
    • One of the few impact players on defense, Louis Delmas, has an inability to stay healthy with knee problems and his future is in question.
    • Failure to adequately address the ongoing concerns in the secondary leading to embarrassing plays on defense.
    • A season that ended with a 9 game losing streak and another top 5 draft pick in 2013.
    • This franchise is clearly cursed.

2012 provided a Triple Crown and MVP for Miguel Cabrera and the all time single season NFL Receiving Yards record for Calvin Johnson but outside of some nice individual accomplishments, 2012 was a disappointment for Detroit sports fans.

As of this writing, there is some hope that a shortened 2013 NHL season will happen and the Red Wings, while with question marks, have some promising young skill players set to join the playing rotation.

The 2013 Detroit Tigers have a solid and deep pitching rotation, Victor Martinez coming back to the line up and will once again be the favorites in the AL Central and should have a good chance to return to the World Series…hopefully for a win this time.

The Michigan Basketball team is in a position to make a deep run in March, while the football team will have some leaders to replace, but have already started the transition to life with out Denard Robinson.

The Michigan State basketball team will look to continue its NCAA Tournament streak and as everyone who has ever filled out a bracket in March knows…never bet against a Tom Izzo team in the Spring.  The football team looks to have an open competition for its Quarterback in 2013 and if solidified, with a top 5 defense and a favorable schedule could have themselves set up for a nice run towards the elusive Rose Bowl in 2013/14.

The Detroit Lions will have a good amount of roster turnover but Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, Ndamekong Suh, Nick Fairly, Riley Rieff, Steven Tulloch and Mikael Leshoure will remain and with a top 5 pick and an early 2nd round pick, this team could find two impact players that can step in and help right away and return to a 9 to 10 win season and see the playoffs again.

Not all hope is lost for the Tigers, Lions, Red Wings, Pistons, Spartans and Wolverines in 2013 and we hope to continue to provide what we feel is quality content and insight into the Detroit sports scene.  We hope to do so while discussing deep playoff runs that result in championships for our teams and share in the enjoyment along the way.



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