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Things have been pretty slow around MCST these days.  The team of writers have had some things going on (most notably, real jobs) that have prevented them from staying on top of the flailing Lions, struggling Spartans, lack of hockey, hot stove Tigers and Wolverines…well, I suppose Pot_Roast has updated them a bit.

Anyway, a few things have happened and been buzzing around the Detroit area and instead of writing thousands of words that would mostly go unread, here are some thoughts and opinions on some of the most notable things of the past couple weeks:

Tigers re-sign Anibal Sanchez 5 years, $80 million:  I’ve said before, bring him back, money shouldn’t matter.  Good thing Dombrowski is a loyal reader of MCST and realized we were right.  Sanchez is not an ace, yet is getting close to ace money, but when you have built a team that is this close to winning a World Series and the window is starting to close a bit, you make the move to get that championship and this and the Torii Hunter signings show they are of the same mindset.

Another thing to keep in mind, you need to think about the state of the contract in year 4 and 5.  Sanchez will still be a viable pitcher then, only being in his early 30’s, this is not a pitcher that will be wasting away doing nothing at the end.  Also, $15-16 million for a 200 inning pitcher is going to look closer to the mean in a few years as salaries continue to rise.  Finally, its not your money, what the hell do you care what they pay him?

Detroit Lions keep losing, buzz about Jim Schwartz job in jeopardy: I think the Detroit Red Wings have spoiled everyone.  Do you remember what being a Lions fan was like 3.5 years ago?  Before Schwartz and Martin Mayhew started rebuilding this team/franchise?  This team was lucky to win 4 games, now it is a huge disappointment, but they have been in every single game and are a few plays away from being a playoff team again.

With a higher draft pick and a missing piece in free agency, this team, coached by Schwartz can be right back in the post season in 2013.  Teams do have ups and downs and the injuries and holes in this team proved to great to over come, but this is a team still not that far removed from 0-16, so more turnover in the coaching staff is not the answer.  Stability is the answer, keeping Schwartz, Scott Linehan and Gunther Cunningham and the core of this team is what should and will be done.

There is no reason to keep trying to find the next Don Shula, keeping along the path that has led to the turnaround is what is best for the franchise.

NHL Lockout ruining winter plans: the NHL and NHLPA continue to bicker about money.  From all reports the two sides are extremely close however the owners seem to not want to deal with Donald Fehr any more and it feels like Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs, the Chairman of the Board of Directors, is turning this into a personal vendetta against the man that one time ruined baseball as well.

There is still the feeling that a 48 game season will happen, starting just after the first of the year, similar to the 95 season when the Wings walked through the playoffs to get swept by the Devils in the Cup finals.  A 48 game season may be beneficial to an aging Red Wings roster and give a few young guns like Damian Brunner and Gustav Nyquist the opportunity to fill in where needed when the older players can’t stay as fresh as a normal, spread out season.

No matter the result, it is still disappointing that the NHL has yet again cancelled at least part of a season and it included the Winter Classic in Ann Arbor, which then ended up cancelling the non-NHL events in Detroit, like the AHL and OHL games, the Alumni games and the GLI at Comerica Park.

At some point the NHL and it’s owners need to realize that Gary Bettman is not helping the league grow, the league is growing on its own, despite Gary Bettman and he is hindering that process.

Michigan State continues to be frustrating early in the season: If you were to ask a non-MSU fan what Tom Izzo is best known for they would probably answer with one of the following: Winning in March or Screaming on the court.  And they would be correct with either, but if you were to ask a die hard MSU Basketball fan before February the answer to that question would probably be: Frustrating early season losses that shouldn’t happen.

Tom Izzo is beyond questioning.  He has his approach to coaching and teaching basketball and it works.  Clearly.  No Question about it.  But it does not mean MSU fans can’t get annoyed when they play division 2 opponents too closely b/c of the things he is working on.  The B1G is loaded this season and MSU looks like a middle of the road team right now, but, with Izzo’s approach, he could still set this team up to make a run and be in contention to win the conference title again and everyone who has ever filled out an office bracket in March knows: Don’t pick against Tom Izzo.

So this may be annoying and frustrating for Spartans everywhere, but once the calendar turns to January, the team stops losing.  Also, by January Jabari Parker has probably committed for the following season and Izzo will focus on Cliff Alexander, Jahlil Okefor and Tyus Jones and look at winning back to back National Championships…



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  1. was I in Chicago a few weekends ago? I can’t remember…

    Dombrowski said he likes my writings the best.

    I saw Chris Chelios in Birmingham a few weeks ago, and Ndamukong Suh at Ronin.

    Chris Berman sweats a lot, but I like his Applebee’s commercials.

    even with signing jesus freak Josh Hamilton, the Angels will miss the playoffs.

    Kobe Bryant is frustrated.

    I hear Rob Parker is looking for a job.

    I like coach Schwartz because he’s like me, he makes a lot of mental errors.

    I miss MLB network.

    Michigan will not make it past the second round of the NCAA tournament.

    this is my contribution.

    • that’s a lot of random thoughts…Rob Parker is looking for a job and we’re looking for a Pistons writer but I don’t think he’d get the job despite his previous experience as a Pistons writer

  2. is it because he’s a racist? I could be the Pistons writer. Is Rodney “Stickey” Stuckey still on the team?

  3. Was I in Chicago last weekend? or was it the weekend before that?

  4. Chris Berman could be our Pistons writer and then we could have names like….
    Ronald Stuckey between a rock and a hard place
    Brandon the Black Night featuring Martin Lawrence
    Craig Monroe your boat
    Kyle “A doubler is better than a” Singler
    Kim English McMuffin
    Tayshaun the Prince of Thieves
    Andre Drummond Chicken
    Austin Daye drinking

  5. I’ll take a Kim English McMuffin and Austin Day drinking right now

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