Detroit Lions Suck

The Detroit Lions 2012 season has been a big disappointment. After making the playoffs in 2011, there were hopes an expectations that the Lions would actually build off last season’s success and be a serious contender this year. In reality, hopes and dreams are just deferred disappointments as the Lions are now 4-9 and out of the playoff picture.

The Lions have repeatedly made mistakes and screwed things up. Rather it be offseason arrests, coaches losing games because they don’t know the rules, dumb penalties taking away points, special teams blunders, dropped balls, or even Jason Hanson missing game winning kicks, the list goes on. has now reported that the Lions can somehow even screw up the 2013 team calendar.

For starters, the cover of the 2013 calendar features no other than Titus Young. The same Titus Young that has been suspended for a game, told not to show up for another, and is now on the season ending IR. He won’t even be a Lion next year but someone thought he was the best option for the cover. Much safer pick than Calvin Johnson obviously.

Once you get over the fact that Titus Young is the cover boy and flip over to January, Aaron Berry is there to greet you. Berry was cut by the Lions in July after being arrested 2 times during the offseason, so that makes perfect sense.

Other Lions featured in the calendar:

Nate Burleson – out for the season with a broken leg, future with the Lions doubtful.

Kyle Vanden Bosch – 2012 is probably his last season as a Lion since he has underperformed and is overpaid.

Javid Best – career is dead due to concussions and will not be a Lion in 2013.

In total, 5 players in the Lions 2013 calendar will probably not be a Lion next year.

This awesome calendar also claims that is contains all the information about the Lions’ Super Bowl History. What history? The Lions have never been to the Super Bowl. I guess the calendar can talk about when the Lions hosted the Super Bowl, but that’s about it as far as it’s history.

Finally, as an added bonus, the 2013 calendar also includes the 2012 schedule. Thanks, that will be real beneficial in 2013, what a bonus!

I guess this is what you should expect form the Lions. Just wait, it will only get worse for Lions fans when Detroit will be forced into drafting a WR this year to fill a need. At least we still have Calvin. And that’s about the only thing we can hang onto.

**editors note: my wife heard about this and wants to purchase these calendars as gag gifts…that’s how awful this calendar is**



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