Lions Come Close Again, Still Lose

The Lions showed some restraint against the Packers on Sunday but not stomping on any of them or taking any useless personal fouls, however, in the end, the Defenses’ inability to get off the field on too many third downs allowed the Packers to hang in and win the game.

The Packers were 6-13 on third downs but three of those six conversions shouldn’t have happened if either Aaron Rodgers hadn’t made a fantastic play or the secondary wasn’t filled with quite so many holes.

That is the difference between Aaron Rodgers, an established, consistent top level performer and the Lions own Matthew Stafford.  Stafford is a good, young quarterback that still makes too many mistakes for this team to be elite.  His inaccuracy woes continued, he threw two interceptions and had a fumble, yet they Lions were still in the game, and if the defense had continued to hold on, they could have had their first NFC North win of the year.

It is difficult to go much more in depth than a summary of:

  • Woeful Secondary, gives up too many plays
  • Quarterback turns ball over too much, accuracy is below average

Since that is 90% of what is wrong with this team.  Addressing the injured and void of much talent secondary in the offseason will help out immensely going forward.  So will bringing in someone to work with Stafford on a more consistent throwing motion that will help his accuracy so maybe he could have hit Tony Scheffler just one of the 5 times he was wide open.

This team is mediocre and will remain that way until they can correct the same issues that are losing them football games.  The secondary has been a problem all year and has been the main cause of at least 3 of the 6 losses and was a factor in the others.

This offseason will be the time for Martin Mayhew to shine, fix that secondary and keep your job, ignore it again and you can go back to hanging out with Matt Million, far away from the Allen Park headquarters.



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