Michigan Football: Random Thoughts


I can’t give a true recap of the Michigan-Northwestern game because I was sleeping during most of it. I did wake up Saturday morning in plenty of time for kickoff, but due to a late Friday night, I was napping by halftime. I woke up right before the start of overtime and watched Michigan win 38-31.

Michigan is technically still in the Big 10 title hunt, but the Legends division crown will most likely go to Nebraska. Even if Michigan beats Iowa and Ohio St. they will need Nebraska to lose to either Minnesota or Iowa which probably will not happen. Even with the Big 10 title fading away, these last 2 games for Michigan are important to the team. No player on the team has ever beaten Iowa and for the Michigan seniors it is also their last home game at the Big House. After Iowa comes Ohio St. in Columbus to end the season. This is always the biggest game of the year for the Wolverines. With Ohio St’s postseason suspension, it puts a little more importance on the game.

Denard Robinson will likely be out again for Iowa as he continues to nurse the elbow of his throwing arm. Michigan will want Denard healthy for the Ohio St. game so if there is any question about his health this week against Iowa, he will be sitting. In order to beat the Buckeyes, Michigan will need Denard to be on the field in some capacity, at some position rather it be QB, receiver, running back, or even as a decoy. The sad part about Denard’s injury is that he won’t be able to play his final game at Michigan Stadium for his senior season. For all he has done at Michigan and being the face of the team for 3+ years, Denard won’t get the proper send off he deserves.

With Denard Robinson most likely out for Iowa, Devin Gardner gets another start at QB to gain more experience and secure his spot as Michigan’s starting QB for next season. With Devin as QB, Michigan has been throwing downfield more. This change in the game plan has opened up the running game a bit more and has also made Roy Roundtree a target again. I know some fans have been rooting for more Devin, but if Michigan was not able to comeback against Northwestern after Devin’s late 4th quarter INT, those same fans would be right back on the Denard bus.

Michigan should take care of Iowa this week without much trouble. With the seniors final game at Michigan they will come out playing with a sense of urgency and will not look be looking forward to Ohio St. Hopefully the game will be out of reach early so all of the seniors that stuck with Michigan through the Rich Rod experiment and Hoke transition will get a chance to get on the field and be applauded by all the fans in attendance. Hopefully that includes Denard Robinson too.



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