Who Are the Detroit Lions?

A lot of virtual ink has been used on talking about the Lions and that they are good.  A lot has been spent on them being perceived as bad.  Even more has been used writing about how the Lions are undisciplined, inconsistent thugs with bad reputations.  And, in a general sense, all those articles were probably close to true.

How could articles talking about three different view points all be accurate? Its simple, in today’s NFL any one team can beat any other team at any given time.  And if you’re down in the dumps, give it a few months, things can turn around pretty quickly.

These Detroit Lions are not as good as the corn bread eating fans hoping for a Super Bowl thought they were going to be.  But they also aren’t as bad as the ever pessimistic Lions fan that knows they’ll find a way to screw things up again, complains they are.  They may be thugs though.

That is the NFL that exists today, in weeks 1-4 the Seahawks were NFL darlings, the surprising upstarts that were going to contend with the 49ers and make a run.  Then they played the Lions in week 8 and the Lions tried to give the game away but still managed to pull off a win and are now 3-4 on the season.

The Seahawks? 4-4.  But that is how things go.  The Minnesota Vikings are 5-3, in what would be considered a favorable position to win a playoff spot.  However, outside of Vikings fans, no one really thinks that team is even going to be in contention in late December for a playoff spot.  But EVERY team has a chance and will make a run during the season, that’s what made the 0-16 Lions so extremely pitiful, the league is set up to avoid that.

So this team, full of thugs, late hitters, temper driven malcontents has a great offense that can score on anyone while being inconsistent and prone to long stretches of 3 and outs.  The defense is full of holes and can be walked all over while being able to put together a string of games where they dominate the opponent off the ball and control the game.  The special teams are pretty bad.

But, unfortunately, this is what you get with these Detroit Lions, they are, in fact, still the Wayne Fontes Lions, world beaters one weak, bums that can’t do anything the next.  Playoffs one year, top 10 draft pick the next.

The way to maximize this trend is to make the high point the Super Bowl and the low point a season like this one, where 8-8 looks all but official.  When the Lions worst season over an 8 year stretch is 8-8, I think most Lions fans will be happy.  The organization just has to continue the trend away from 8-8 being the high mark and continue to make the correct personnel decisions to keep this team in the middle of the pack most years, then with the right bounces, into the Super Bowl eventually.

But, for now, this season looks like the down one.  However, a bad season that results in 8 wins? I’ll take that, it was only 4 years ago that they didn’t even win 1 game.



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