Tigers Finally Score Runs, Not Enough, Lose World Series

Time to put away that champagne, it isn’t being used for the Tigers this year.  Miguel Cabrera broke the Tigers 19 inning scoreless streak with a two run home run but it wasn’t enough as the Giants prevailed in extra innings to complete the sweep.

You can blame the layoff, the lack of hitting, Gene Lemont, whatever you like, but the Giants made the plays consistently and out played the Tigers.  To quote the infamous, Lil’ Sis, “that’s it and that’s all.”

Its officially the offseason and the Tigers have 5 days to decide what to do with Jhonny Peralta and Delmon Young.  Also, they need to figure out if Leyland and his coaching staff are coming back next year.

My guess is that everyone but Young is back and they even try to get Anibal Sanchez to sign…but he may get much, much more on the open market than he is worth so, the Tigers may not be able to retain his services.

2013 here come the Tigers, looking to get back to the Series and win it this time.



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