Update: World Series Game 3: Tigers Turn To Sanchez, Dirks, Berry for Spark

Game three of the 2012 World Series is tonight and the Tigers are back home and able to use a more “normal” line up with the DH back in play.

Rumors that both Berry and Dirks will be in the line up vs. Ryan Vogelsong, who has been the Giants best pitcher this post season.

Nothing is official yet but expect the line up to look like this:

Jackson, CF

Berry, LF

Cabrera, 3B

Fielder, 1B

Young, DH

Dirks, RF

Peralta, SS

Avila, C

Infante, 2b

Sanchez needs to throw like he has so far this post season but more importantly, the Tigers need to actually hit.  Vogelsong, after being rescued from pitching overseas, has thrown 19 innings with a .895 WHIP, so getting base runners may be difficult. But, the Tigers shouldn’t worry about the past numbers, since they were handcuffed by two bad pitchers, they might as well destroy the good one.

First pitch is at 8:07 and judging by the drop in asking price for tickets online, quite a few people have lost faith.  Well, MCST hasn’t lost faith and we’ll have updates throughout the day.

Update: The Tigers line up is official and here is the Giants line up:

Pagan, CF

Scutaro, 2B

Sandoval, 3B

Posey, C

Pence, RF

Belt, 1B

Blanco, LF

Sanchez, DH

Crawford, SS

Thought the Tigers might see Aubry Huff as the DH but no dice…that would be one player I’d be ok with the fans booing.



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