Tigers Put Themselves in a Must Win Situation Saturday

Doug Fister went out and pitched well, even taking a line drive off his noggin and shaking it off and continuing to deal.  The only problem was that the Giants did to him what they did to Justin Verlander the night before and that is foul off pitch after pitch to drive him from the game early.

The Tigers had a chance to take an early lead on Madison Bumgarner but Gene Lemont sent Prince Fielder on a double by Delmon Young and most of the Tigers fan base screamed why.  Fielder was out, not by much but, he was out and Bumgarner quickly got out of what could have been a messy jam, quite easily after that.

That was the only scoring chance for the Tigers so maybe sending him was the right move in hindsight, but you can’t expect a 23 year old with an ERA approaching 12 in the playoffs to handcuff this team like he did.

The bats didn’t show up, the bounces didn’t go their way again and a fine pitching performance was wasted.  They are now down 2-0 with a day off on Friday to travel then game 3 on Saturday night in Detroit.

Anibal Sanchez will be pitching and if he pitches like he has, then the only worry should again, be the bats.  I won’t bother to look up how many teams have come back in the World Series from 2-0 deficits because it probably isn’t many and I don’t care.  This team is too good to lay down like this and needs to come alive.

On Saturday night, what would be Verlander’s bull pen day in between starts, he should be available out of the bullpen that night.  If the Tigers don’t win then the series is even more over, so throw the kitchen sink at them, that includes a relief appearance from Mr. Ace.

It was suggested by many that Verlander be taken out of the game in the 3rd or 4th inning on Wednesday so he could come back and pitch on Sunday in game 4, well, he wasn’t and still threw over 100 pitches, so that is probably not an option, so the bull pen should be.

Its do or die time for the Tigers and they better come back on Saturday and change the outlook of this series.



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