World Series Game 1: Gerry Davis, Home Plate Umpire Tendencies

Gerry Davis will be behind the plate to call tonight’s Game 1 of the World Series.  I’m not sure which team this will favor since Davis is notorious for having the smallest strike zone in baseball.  So, get used to being frustrated on what would appear to be a strike is called a ball.

The Giants have come out saying they are going to be aggressive against Justin Verlander and that could favor the Tigers, as Verlander can get his pitch count too high too early against an umpire like Davis who will squeeze him on borderline pitches.

The Tigers hitters are notoriously aggressive so waiting for their pitch and working the zone for the walk is most likely not something that they will be doing.  This small strike zone may come down to affecting the bull pens more than anything and should definitely be something everyone should keep in mind late in the ball game, if it is close.

Davis also has the highest runs per game rate of any umpire in baseball so this may help the Tigers as they have the better offense but they do need to be on top of their game defensively, this is not the time of year to give an opponent free outs.

Here is Davis’ strike out call, don’t expect to see it too much tonight:




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