Tigers Scrimmage, Wait for World Series Opponant

The Tigers were going to be waiting until Wednesday to kick off the World Series even if the Cardinals had been able to put away the Giants in 5 games…or in 6, but they couldn’t.  The Cardinals and Giants are going to be playing game 7 in San Francisco tonight, if the weather holds off and the Tigers will finally learn who their opponent will be.

Not that it matters.  The Tigers pitching staff has been on fire lately and should match up well with either of the National League teams, as both teams have some question marks regarding their starting rotations so, the Tigers bats should be able to settle in and crush them.

But, to stay in game shape and to prevent the players bodies from shutting down in late October, like they normally would, the Tigers called up a bunch of their minor league players, that aren’t playing winter baseball somewhere, to put together a practice/scrimmage/simulated game on Sunday and again on Monday.

This gave the team Saturday off and Tuesday off for some rest but kept them in the routine of hitting, pitching and fielding, however, I don’t think they did much fielding.

In other Tigers news, Jose Valverde said he found a flaw in his delivery, was able to correct it and should be good to go for the World Series.  If it was true, that he found a flaw and was able to start throwing in the upper 90’s again, MAYBE Leyland could use him.  But I don’t think that is what happened and still feel he should not be trusted at all in the series.

Reports from the scrimmage were that he got hit around again and still lacked control.  That should be enough to show Leyland that he can not be counted on for any type of meaningful action.

I’d like to think that we won’t see him outside of a blow out, but Leyland is loyal so there is a pretty good chance he is given more opportunities than he deserves, which at this point is any opportunities.

Tigers kick off the World Series on Wednesday in St. Louis or San Francisco.



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