Michigan Football: Rivalry Week

It’s Michigan, MSU week. The week that brings out the worst in both fan bases, so let the jokes and insults begin.

State fans will be yelling at Michigan fans about how all the girls in Ann Arbor are fat and/or Asian. Michigan fans will counter by yelling about how State fans all work at Taco Bell or all work for Michigan grads.

During the days leading up to tailgate we will be reminded of “Spartan Bob” and “Little Brother”. State fans will laugh at their recent memories of the Rich Rod era while Michigan fans will laugh at how John L. was “screwing it up” in East Lansing.

What a great weekend. Michigan’s arrogance and State’s inferiority complex will both be on display. It’s more about telling the other fan base how much their team sucks than trying to justify why your own team will win. In the end, no team wins. Either Michigan will lose because they ran out of time or State will lose because they got screwed by the refs. Why does it even matter, we are both basketball schools now.

After heavy analysis, Michigan should win this game. State currently looks terrible after losing to Iowa. The same Iowa that lost to Central Michigan and Iowa State earlier this year. The only chance State has is if their defense can keep them in the game by controlling Denard Robinson and Michigan’s offense.

Michigan, on the other hand, has been improving each week and has looked strong lately. The Michigan defense is tops in the Big 10, right alongside State. Michigan has not allowed over 13 points to any team during the past 4 weeks. Playmakers, like Jake Ryan, are emerging on the defense and are starting to force turnovers. The D-line is finally coming along and getting pressure on the QB and stuffing the running lanes. The corners might be the biggest surprise of the defense, leading the Big 10 in total pass defense.

On the offensive side, Michigan is starting to find its rhythm. Toussaint has been struggling, so the coaching staff has started to give some of the carries to Rawls, who has been running hard and picking up yards after contact. Michigan is also putting less on Denard and the passing game. Less attempts and shorter routes have helped Robinson look serviceable at QB.

Overall, both defenses should be a wash and right now, Michigan’s offense is in far better shape than anything State has shown offensively. In addition to the game being played at the Big House, Michigan should be able to take care of business and end State’s cute little 4 game winning streak.



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