Lions Come Back on the Road, Win in OT

The Detroit Lions looked good early on Sunday.  Then looked bad in the middle part of the game.  Then looked good again in the 4th quarter and overtime and won in Philadelphia for the first time since 1986.

Matthew Stafford struggled mightily during the game and questions were raised on Twitter if he should be continuing in the game or if Shaun Hill should take over for the rest of the game.  Thankfully Jim Schwartz wasn’t on Twitter during the game and kept Stafford in, who led the team to a comeback win by just continually throwing the ball to Calvin Johnson, who had over 100 yards in the fourth quarter and OT alone.

The Defense looked pretty strong, keeping LeSean McCoy in check with strong play from the Defensive line and Nick Fairly in particular.  It was Fairly’s first career start and he appeared to show the ability that made the Lions draft him in the first round in 2011 and seemed to inspire Ndomakong Suh to play better than he has been.

Louis Delmas also showed how much of an impact one good player can have on a team.  Delmas was able to make an immediate impact, he was all over the field and the Eagles had to account for someone in the secondary of the Lions for the first time this year.  His return gave support to the linebackers on run plays and supported the corners on passing plays.

With Delmas returning it further showcases the parody in the NFL, one player can have enough impact on a team that the team immediately becomes more dangerous and plants themselves back into the playoff race.

Now, there is still a lot of work to do but this win seemed to inspire the team and with the chance at getting Jahvid Best back next week against the Bears, this team could look more like the strong, playoff team they were in 2011 than the overrated bums they looked like in the first few weeks this year.



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