Tigers ALCS Roster: No Changes From ALDS

Detroit Tigers announced that the team’s 25 man roster for the American League Championship Series will remain the same as the team utilized during the Divisional Series against Oakland.

This means that unused and unnecessary, Rick Porcello, will remain on the roster for the series against New York instead of replacing him with a left handed reliever like Darin Downs or Duane Below which would be helpful against all the power left handed hitting bats the Yankees have.

The position players remaining the same makes sense and it is just hoped that Leyland stops playing Laird against all lefties like he did in the ALDS.  Alex Avila is the better catcher and better hitter, even if the left handed hitter has had his struggles at times.

What keeping Porcello on the roster proves is Jim Leyalnd’s stubbornness and inability to adjust and change.  He is loyal to his players and will always be that way, so keeping a pitcher on the roster like Porcello that unless the sky is falling, will not be used, is stupid but not surprising.

The Yankees rotation is a mess and the Tigers are in a position to win at least one game this weekend in New York.  Then come back home with Justin Verlander on the mound in Game 3 and Max Scherzer in Game 4 then Doug Fister again in Game 5 to be in a position to take command of the series or just win the damn thing.

The Detroit Tigers are set up to knock off the Yankees for the third time in 7 years and return to the World Series to face a weaker team in either the Giants or Cardinals and win the World Series for the first time in 28 years.



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