Live Blog: Tigers @ New York Game 1 ALCS

Update 1:03: TIGERS WIN…so it is a lot later than most expected but the Tigers still won the game and are up 1-0 over the Yankees on the road…good to see the win, fantastic, Verlander starts game 3 at home so they should win there.  Leyland is still questionable and Valverde should be done but those are issues for another moment because the Tigers are up 1-0 in the ALCS.


Update 12:55: Cabrera walk, Fielder ground out that advances Miggy to second then a Young line drive/possible error to Ichiro that could have been an out score the 5th run for the Tigers…I hope AL AL comes in and closes out this game.

Peralta grounds out to Jeter…wait, the ball was more than 4 feet away from Jeter so he had to REALLY stretch for the ball and was carried off the field with what looks like an ankle or knee injury.   Then Dirks grounds out to the pitcher…but NO…it becomes an infield hit and another run scored.  6-4 Tigers…bottom of 12.


Update 12:20: Drew Smyly enters the game instead of Rick Porcello only proving my earlier statements right that Porcello being on the roster is a terrible, useless idea that even Leyland won’t play him, but is “loyal” so he is keeping him active…how on earth can a man with those decision making abilities be the manager?


Update 11:40: Dotel comes in and gets the final out of the inning.  Valverde has to be done as the closer…only a manager named Leyland would keep throwing him and with a 4 run lead there is some serious explaining to do as to why Leyland brought him in in the first place and why he didn’t remove him when Tiexiera came to bat, then after that walk.

I think moves or lack there of are a reason that Leyland’s job security is still in question.


Update 11:35: Valverde gives up another 2 run home run to allow for the tie.  The bar goes silent except for random people yelling and cursing Valverde’s name…after everyone screamed that Valverde shouldn’t pitch to Ibanez…Leyland and his stubbornness cost this team another game.


Update 11:24: Ichiro hits his first career post season home run…4-2 Tigers…Still Valverde…letting him pitch to another lefty is a really bad idea


Update 11:00: Jackson with a great catch and Garcia almost with an amazing catch but still a pretty good play.  Benoit gets through it, 3 outs away from a game 1 win.


Update 10:48: Delmon Young breaks the record for post season home runs in Tigers history for a three run lead then Avisail Garcia hit a single to up the Tigers up 4-0 with 6 outs to get from the bull pen…it looks good but I suggest you strap yourself in with Benoit and Valverde the most likely pitchers to see.


Update 10:33: Phil Coke comes in to get the last two outs in the 7th to keep the Tigers lead at 2 runs…side note, I don’t think anyone is confident in Coke ever but no one is sure he can’t get the job done…he’d be the guy everyone hates if Valverde and Benoit didn’t exist


Update 10:01: Doug Fister gives up a weak hit/error to Teixiera, a Baltimore chop style double to Ibanez and after a strike out then a walk to Swisher to load the bases, he got back to back K’s to end the inning and keep the score 2-0 Tigers.

Fister is at 97 pitches through 6 so he could still complete 7 innings to shorten the need for the bull pen.


Update  9:49: Austin Jackson with a lead off triple and then an intentional walk to Cabrera, Prince Fielder hits a RBI single followed by a RBI single from Young, a walk to Peralta loaded the bases then a pop up to Jeter from Dirks in which the infield fly rule was properly applied.  Garcia popped up to end the inning but the Tigers lead 2-0.

Fister needs to keep on rolling, get through the 7th, then the Tigers should maybe think about bull pen by committee tonight instead of the standard Benoit/Valverde, 8th and 9th.


Update 9:25: 4.5 innings played, still tied at 0.  Tigers unable to string any hits together and despite rumors on twitter of Fister coming out after getting hit with the line drive off Cano’s bat, he is pitching and pitching well.

Fast moving and pretty boring game so far.


Update 8:47: Very interesting inning, Fister gets the first two outs quickly again, then loads the bases again then gets hit with a line drive up the middle, the ball bounces to Peralta who, again makes a nice play and gets Cano out at first.

Fister has 46 pitches thrown in the first two innings, but he is very capable of getting that back in order with quick innings that he usually has.  But if the ump is going to continually call pitches down the middle balls, he may not be long for this game.


Update 8:26: Fister has issued 3 walks, loading the bases with two outs and ARod coming up.  The strike zone seems to be quite small as it appeared that 4 of the 5 pitches to Ibanez were in the strike zone.  It would be nice if the Tigers hitters would be patient, but they won’t be.

ARod grounded out to end the inning on a great play by Peralta, diving into the hole and getting the out at 2nd.  WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE HAS NO RANGE!?!?!?!1


Update 8:13: The mouth breather Andy Pettite gives up a single to Cabrera but that’s all, as Prince Fielder went down on strikes when all he had to do was pop the ball up and it would have been a home run in this park.

At least the game has finally started.


Update 7:37: 30 minutes to game time and not much going on but the Yankees did announce their projected rotation for the rest of the series and CC Sabbathia will pitch game 4 against Max Scherzer in Detroit and Phil Hughes will pitch game 3 against Verlander.

Also, Sabbathia will pitch on short rest if a Game 7 happens.  This has to give the Tigers an advantage they need to capitalize on.  This series is set up for them to win.

Here are your line ups for tonight’s Game 1:

Jackson, CF

Infante, 2B

Cabrera, 3b

Fielder, 1B

Young, DH

Peralta, SS

Dirks, LF

Garcia, RF

Laird, C

Doug Fister is your starting pitcher

Not too surprising as this is the line up that Leyland has been utilizing against left handed pitchers and Andy Pettite is on the mound, that mouth breathing drug abuser.

Check back for updates through out the day before first pitch at 8:07 EST.

Update 4:00: Yankees Line up released:

Jeter, SS

Ichiro, LF

Cano, 2B

Tiexiexra, 1B

Ibanez, DH

Rodriguez, 3B

Swisher, RF

Granderson, CF

Martin, C

So a slightly different look for the Yankees, with Rodriguez dropped to 6th and Ibanez in the line up at the same time.  Doug Fister will have to do what Doug Fister does best and that is keep the ball down.  Pop ups seem to carry into the upper deck in the band box they will be playing in tonight.

Some videos to get you through the next 90 minutes before the game starts:



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  1. Go Tigers!

  2. New York, get ready to meet Dog Fister

  3. I’m not stunned by anything that has happened since the bottom of the 9th started. The fact that I’m not stunned is pathetic.

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