Lions Head to Philadelphia With Season Hanging In Balance

The Detroit Lions have been underachieving this season.  At least according to most fans hopes.  The secondary was a question at the beginning of the season but most people thought the rest of the club was coming together nicely and 10 wins and the playoffs would be easily attainable.

Well, coming off of their bye week the Lions are just 1-3 and need back to back road wins to get the season back on track.  The return of Louis Delmas this week will help and Javid Best coming back next week could also provide a very much needed spark on offense.

You see, the Lions defensive line has been somewhere between bad and terrible this season and that was hurting an already weak secondary.  So, with the return of Delmas, he can improve the secondary and hopefully provide the defensive lineman that extra second they need to get to the quarterback.

That won’t be easy this week with Michael Vick running around in the backfield, however, he has a serious case of the fumbles and the potential to create quite a few turnovers is there and the Lions will need to capitalize on those.

The Offense has been just as bad.  The running game seemed to get going with Mikael Leshoure playing well, however Matthew Stafford has not returned to 2011’s performance levels and Nate Burleson, Titus Young and Brandon Pettigrew have barely been noticeable.  And barely being noticeable is no way to take coverage off the best player, Calvin Johnson.

This needs to be corrected immediately and if Titus Young’s knee isn’t good enough to make plays than this may all be for naught.  Calvin Johnson is great but, 5 guys can cover him if no one else on the team will make a play and that pretty much stops the Lions offense.

This is it for the Lions, win and they get to stay in the hunt, lose and most Lions fans will, rightfully so, start looking ahead to the Lions Super Bowl: The NFL Draft…



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