To Inspire a Fan Base, MSU Must Dominate Iowa

Michigan State faces an Iowa team that is on the ropes.  Losses at home to Central Michigan and Iowa State have raised a question as to whether Kirk Ferentz is still the right person for the coaching job.  However, a team in turmoil that still has the 21st ranked defense in the country and could pose problems for Michigan State.

This is the perfect game for Michigan State, as a team and a fan base to decide where the rest of this season will go.  This is the perfect game to see if the offense is actually growing and will be able to play it’s part in a possible return to Indianapolis for back to back B1G Championship games.

Iowa should not win this game, but should pose enough of a problem that Michigan State, with a nice win, could provide itself enough education and success on offense that they are able to put up a fight in Ann Arbor in two weeks.

Aaron Burbridge and Bennie Fowler will have to continue to produce and prove they are the go to receivers.  The offensive line needs to rally together and help protect Andrew Maxwell and give Le’veon Bell room to run.  The Defense needs to play like it did in the second half at Indiana.

If they can, then the Spartan Alums that have started to fall off the bandwagon will jump right back on.  A potential 5-2 record, 2-1 in the B1G and a show down for the inside track to Indianapolis with UM the following week can do a lot to inspire doubters.

However, another poor showing and most everyone will be looking forward to Basketball season [editors note: preview coming!!!] as Midnight Madness is just a few hours after the final of the football game.

It is my belief that the team continues down the road they started at Indiana in the second half, the offense is coming together and the Defense has decided they need to show why they were so highly regarded before and will.  34-10 Final and a BIG game at Michigan.



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