Before Game 3, Can Everyone Agree to Stop Talking About “The Kiss”?

I know this is adding to the mass hysteria that is Al Albuquerque’s kiss of the baseball in game 2, but this is simply a plea to never bring it up again, as by ignoring it, it is simply not going away…much like steroid use.

Back story if you live in a cave: Game 2, Phil Coke blows up and the fate of the game is left to the hands of the capable Al Albuquerque.  He throws a few pitches to Yoenis Cespedes, who grounds out weakly, back to Al Al, who then grabs the ball and gives it an ever so sweet kiss before tossing it to Prince Fielder for the out to retire the side, tie ball game.

And that should have been the end of the moment, if not for maybe a shirt marking the hilariousness that was the play.

But instead the A’s have been bitching and moaning about it and the media has tried to make it some sort of rallying point for the series.

Listen, both teams feature closers that have antics that rival winning a World Series after each successful strike thrown yet this is what we are discussing?

Jose Valverde and Grant Balfour are baseball’s version of Terrel Owens and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson, yet we are discussing a simple move by a guy that had to be reviewed multiple times to even figure out what he did. had a poll asking if the A’s comeback to win the series if it can be blamed on “the kiss”.  No.  It cannot.  Because the Tigers will have to pull off an epic collapse that will encompass the entire team and the A’s will have to play much better then they have been for this to happen and they need to do that anyway, not because Albuquerque kissed a baseball.

So please, mainstream media, TBS, MLB, MLB Network, ESPN, EVERYONE, let it go…do not show another replay, let the two teams go play tonight and let’s all watch the Tigers move into the ALCS for the second straight year.




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