Michigan State Could Be Turning A Corner

Most MSU Football fans watched (or tried to and turned off) Saturday’s game in disgust for most of the first half and judging by the comments I saw, are very aggravated about this team overall.

What I saw was something different however, I saw a team realize that they may lose to Indiana.  That Indiana came out and was able to move the ball at will on the “legendary” defense and the offense was again, unable to move the ball on what was supposed to be a terrible defense.

But I saw a team rally together, change the outlook of the game on Saturday and perhaps, the outlook of the season along with it.

The defense held the Hoosiers under 50 yards of offense in the second half and looked as dominant as they have at any point this season.  I know it was just Indiana, but the Hoosiers have one of the top gaining passing offenses in the B1G, so the second half was quite impressive.

Then there is the offense.  Le’Veon Bell is going to get his yards, no matter what, however this team needs the fireballer, Andrew Maxwell, to get the passing game going in order for the offense to do anything.  And when Dion Sims, Maxwell’s most reliable target, went down early, someone had to step up and true Freshman Aaron Burbridge did just that.

Bennie Fowler made a nice play too, on the game winning TD and with Burbridge perhaps emerging as the go to receiver that this team needs and Fowler showing big play ability, this could be what the team needs to come together and make that push for the B1G Championship game.

They have Iowa, a terrible Iowa team, this week at home and they can work on making sure Burbridge and Fowler are the guys to get the balls from Maxwell before the big showdown in Ann Arbor in two weeks that, for all intents and purposes, will probably decide the Legends Division winner since Ohio State is a bunch of cheaters and thugs and not eligible for post season play.



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