Tigers Up 2-0, Rest of League Should Be Worried

Justin Verlander was his usual dominant self on Saturday night and Doug Fister was pretty solid himself on Sunday.  These two led the Tigers to a quick 2-0 series lead, with only one more win needed to return to the ALCS in back to back seasons.

We can go through the games but that’s not what is important, what is important is the way the team looks and why all of baseball should be concerned about facing the Tigers.  The Tigers aren’t hitting that well, having only knocked in 1 run by way of the hit and are still up 2-0.

This team is riding it’s scary starting pitching and a few lucky bounces to a possible easy series win.  If the offense gets going, which it has shown during the season it will after a few lowly games, then the offense could easily match up with the fantastic starting pitching and win the next series in easy fashion as well.

Verlander and Fister will pitch twice each in any best of 7 series, the way these two are going, that should be the 4 wins you need right there, however, Anibal Sanchez has been just as good over his last 7 starts and Max Scherzer has been the Tigers best starting pitcher since June, not Verlander.

Either of those two, Sanchez or Scherzer (if healthy) can dominate a game and win it for the Tigers, and again, that is without the offense playing up to peak performance, if they get going then it should be smooth sailing this post season.

The Bullpen has been shaky this year but when the team barely needs to rely on them due to the starters, this team may be in the perfect position to march to the first World Series win since 1984.



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  1. You make some great points here, great read!

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