Site Update: Tigers Win AL Central; Cabrera Could Win Triple Crown

So a brief update on the site, I, am traveling in Denver and have very limited access to provide updates and the Velveteen Rabbit has started a new job that is taking up his time…shockingly MCST doesn’t pay enough to keep him here full time.

But the Tigers did secure back to back playoff apperances for just the second time in franchise history and have started to set the rotation and bull pen for the playoffs, with Luis Marte starting today instead of Max Scherzer or Drew Smyly.

Scherzer also rolled his ankle celebrating the title on Monday night so there is some more worry that his shoulder may be fine but he won’t be able to plant, which would mean that Rick Porcello, who would be a “leave off the playoff roster” candidate would be kept around just in case.

Also, Miguel Cabrera is just a game away from becoming the first triple crown winner since 1967, all he needs is Mike Trout to not go 7-7 today and Josh Hamilton not to hit 2 home runs.  Texas is in an important game, win and they win the division, lose and they go play either New York or Baltimore in the one game wild card playoff, so he may be trying very hard to knock a couple out.

Updates later this week and live blogging throughout the playoffs should be expected from the MCST team once this dark period this week is over.

Also, if you have seen Pot_Roast tell him to check in, we’re getting worried about his absence.



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