Tigers Win Behind Verlander, Dirks, Fielder; Sox Win; Cabrera Will Not Be The MVP

The Tigers managed to beat the Royals last night behind 8 strong innings from Justin Verlander and a home run from Prince Fielder and a couple RBI from Andy Dirks to move to within .5 games of first for a short while.  That is until Adam Dunn hit a 3 run home run in the bottom of the 8th to give the Sox the game and move back to 1 game ahead.

The scariest moment of the Tigers game was when Alex Avila was throwing the ball back to Verlander, his hand hit the Umpire, making it a dead ball, however Verlander didn’t know this, dove/fell gracefully, to stop the ball and looked like he Matthew Stafford’d his left shoulder.

He would shake it off, remain in the game and appeared to be fine, but for that moment, the entire city of Detroit held its breath as the playoff chances just about flew out the window.

Dunn’s home run to win the Sox game was his 2nd home run of the night and Josh Hamilton hit a home run too, which is going to make Miguel Cabrera’s triple crown chances much harder with both guys still hitting the ball out.

There has been lots of #miggy4mvp talk and a lot of people in Detroit clearly want Cabrera to win despite overwhelming confidence in Mike Trout being the runaway winner.  I even stated on here previously that Cabrera is at a disadvantage due to putting up these types of numbers every year so it is boring when he hits 35+ HR and .330+ BA and over a 1.000 OPS with a hundred plus RBI.

But if I were given a vote, this year, I would vote for Mike Trout.  His defense is superior.  That isn’t to say Cabrera hasn’t been passable at third, he has, it is ok defense, there are actually worse defensive 3rd basemen in the league.  But, Mike Trout’s defense is superior to everyone in the league, he is the best defensive player in the game.

Also, his base running is far better than Cabrera, again, not a shock but those two areas more than make up the gap in hitting, which isn’t that big of a gap.  Cabrera is clearly the best hitter in baseball, but Trout isn’t that far behind.

The only knock against Trout is that he didn’t play the entire year, but that also makes what he has done even more impressive.  Cabrera, while not being the best defensive third baseman, should get bonus points for being a third baseman at all.   A player of his caliber and magnitude should not be getting moved off his position and his willingness to do it to help the team is what an MVP is about.

However, even with a triple crown and the Tigers in the playoffs and the Angles not in, Cabrera will not win the MVP.  I’m ok with that, a triple crown is more special than the MVP and I’d rather this team make the playoffs than any single individual award be won.



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  1. Box score doesn’t it show it or the strike/balls thrown split but it looked like JV was fighting it last night. I thought the gas can was gonna get lit at any moment. He is actually really hard to watch.

  2. I agree, he was battling last night, but that is what makes him so good, he doesn’t have his good stuff and he can go 8 innings and fight through trouble…but it can be frustrating to watch because he is so good sometimes and everyone wants to see that every game

    also, this site is awesome for checking strike zone: http://www.brooksbaseball.net/pfxVB/pfx.php?month=9&day=24&year=2012&game=gid_2012_09_24_kcamlb_detmlb_1%2F&pitchSel=434378&prevGame=gid_2012_09_24_kcamlb_detmlb_1%2F&prevDate=924

    you can see he was all over the place

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