Michigan State Needs Wide Receivers to Step Up

At this point in the season most people are frustrated with the Michigan State Football team.  This team that was in the top 10 nationally before an embarrassing performance at home on national TV against Notre Dame sent them plummeting down the rankings.

The follow up performance was actually more concerning for many fans as Eastern Michigan is a bad team and the Spartans struggled to move the ball and with out some big plays by Dion Sims in the second half and Le’Veon Bell being Le’Veon Bell this team could have suffered a Iowa like embarrassment.

Every team is stacking the box against the Spartans, making Bell run through 8 guys to beat them and as great as he is, he cannot consistently do that.  When Eastern can keep the offense and Bell in check a team like Ohio State will be able to do it easily.

What the Spartans need most right now (other than replacing Dan Rousher at Offensive Coordinator) is a Wide Out to step up and make some plays.  Andrew Maxwell is playing above average and putting the ball in their hands most of the time, however every receiver has had drops that can’t happen.

The Spartans are trying every Wide Receiver on the roster outside of Monty Madaris, and it is clear that the team misses BJ Cunningham, Keshawn Martin and Keith Nichol more than Kirk Cousins as some one that can hold on to the ball and make the opponents actually cover the receivers is greatly needed.

This brings me to Dan Rousher: he can no longer be in charge of calling plays.  Dion Sims is the only player making plays, catching the ball and it took until late in the third quarter to get him involved in the game against Eastern.  Rousher’s play calling has been scrutinized ever since he took over for the departed Don Treadwell who left to become the Head Coach and Miami (of Ohio).

After one questionable season of play calling that still resulted in 11 wins most people were willing to see how Rousher was going to call plays going into his second year before calling for his head but it appears clear after 4 games that he is not the man for the job.

There is very little creativity in his play calling and when you have two players that are your most consistent offensively in Bell and Sims they both need to be involved the entire game.  There is no excuse to let Eastern Michigan control the play the way they did.

Some simple play action passes to Sims in the first quarter would have changed this game, as it did when it finally occurred in the 3rd quarter.

With the start of the B1G season this coming Saturday in East Lansing against the Buckeyes this team must be more consistent with Bell and Sims and either Fowler, Mumphry, Lippett, Sims, Kings, Burbridge or Arnett has to start to get open and actually hold on to the ball.



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