What an Awful Weekend

Expect more detailed recaps later regarding the Tigers inability to beat the Twins and take over first place and how I can’t wait until Jose Valverde is no longer a Tiger.

Also, how the Lions were awful, then great then the officials were awful and gave the Titans free yards in overtime and why it is of the opinion of most, that Shaun Hill running on that 4th down was a mistake.

How MSU was the lone winner over the weeekend yet possibly the most frustrating team of them all.

Also, how Denard Robinson will not be receiving the September Heisman this year and how UM has fallen out of the Top 25.

I’m still too angry over all of this to write rational, informative recaps.  If I were it would come out like this:

“what the shit why would you run that play you f*&king moron I hope you die”

And nobody wants that.



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