Michigan State vs Eastern Michigan Preview

I’m still getting over that shit show the Spartans put on last Saturday night.  What a miserable game to sit through.  Well I didn’t sit through the whole thing, I bailed after the third quarter so I could drive home and cry myself to sleep [editor’s note: and get Taco Bell].  Nobody on the team showed up to play and it was embarrassing.  I really don’t think Notre Dame is that good…whatever, moving on.

So this Saturday the Spartans welcome Eastern Michigan to Spartan Stadium.  The Spartans should treat this game like an NFL preseason game.  Throw some random players out there, run some different plays, because this offense needs to figure some shit out before Ohio State comes to town.

How about bouncing some runs outside, run some play action, run some outs, open the field up a little bit.

Guess what?  Good defenses can stop the run when they know it’s coming up the middle every time.  I don’t know if MSU thought they could wear down Notre Dame’s defense or what, but it didn’t work.

When you open up the field with play action or outs, then Le’Veon Bell can bust some 20-30 yard runs up the middle.

But I guess so far Andrew Maxwell and the receiving corp haven’t shown they can convert these plays…and that’s a problem.

So Dan Roushar, how about mixing it up a little bit this Saturday?  You’re playing Eastern so you can afford to take the chance.  (Their defense is ranked 119th in the nation).

Actually if I was Dantonio I would give Maxwell the first half to keep his job.  Show me why you should be the starting quarterback.  Then let Connor Cook play the second half to see what he can do. (okay, maybe I’m a little fired up still)

Something has to be done to give this offense some identity other than Le’Veon Bell up the middle.

The MSU defense will need to show up to stop a pretty good Eagles running game.  They average about 150 yards/game.  The Spartans rank 14th nationally in rush defense, averaging 77 yards allowed/game, so that should not be a problem.

The Spartans will win.  I really don’t care what the score is, I just want to see the offense progress so we don’t have to depend on the defense to get us back to the Big Ten Championship game.



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  1. if they don’t score at least 400 points I’m going to be disappointed

  2. Looking forward to the Dantonio v Mike Hart greco roman wrestling match before the game. “Little Brother” just won’t go away.

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