Cabrera, Verlander Lead Tigers Past A’s; Sox Lose

I’ve said this before and I said it again on Twitter last night, but every single time Justin Verlander gives up a hit I get mad.

Every pitcher gives up a hit, walk, runs, that’s why no one has a 0.00 ERA.  Yet when Verlander even walks a guy I get aggravated.  Those are the unrealistic expectations that he has established for himself by being the best pitcher in baseball.

So, for being as aggravated as I was watching him struggle through 6 innings last night with out giving up a run it was really unfair.  He pitched fine.  A few extra defensive plays and he probably throws 7 or 8 but he didn’t seem to have the feel on his curve ball and was fighting it all night.

Yet he still kept the A’s off the board.  That is how good he is and why those unrealistic expectations are there.

And continuing with the theme of expecting things that aren’t possible, Miguel Cabrera hit another home run last night.  His 41st of the year, pulling him with in one HR of the league lead.  A Triple Crown? As much as I’m pulling for it and hoping for it because that would cement Miggy as the best hitter in baseball with out question, it is just so difficult and unlikely.

He will have a chance, the Rangers may start sitting Josh Hamilton more down the stretch so the RBI title should be his.  The HR title will be more difficult with a handful of people all in the 39-42 range but it is conceivable he could do it.  But the batting title will be even more difficult because one 0-5 game could drop him back to 2nd quite quickly and since Mike Trout has the ability to beat out slow rollers to short and third, he has the potential to not go 0-fer.

But it will be a fun ride to watch along with the pennant race, as the Sox lost to the might Bruce Chen last night and the Tigers pulled with in 2 games…just gotta keep winning and the division lead will take care of itself.

1:05 today for the sweep with Anibal Sanchez on the bumb for the Tigers.




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