Know Thy Enemy: Tennessee Titans

For the second time already this season the Lions will be facing a nomadic team.  The Titans used to be the Houston Oilers and were great with Warren Moon and Earl Campbell and Lorenzo White leading their storied history.

However, since becoming the Titans they are basically Bud Adams tax write off and worthless.  A Super Bowl loss in 2000 to the Rams is as close to anything good that this franchise has done and that only happened due to an illegal forward lateral that wasn’t called.

Seriously, the only thing that this franchise has offered the league is being a minor league team for the other teams.  They are the Montreal Expos of the NFL.  Jim Schwartz, Steven Tulloch, Kyle Vanden bosch all got the hell out once ANYONE came calling…think about it, they left Tennessee to come play/coach for the only 0-16 team in NFL history.

That says a lot about your franchise when people are escaping the hell of the Titans for the Lions, the most inept franchise in NFL history.

Even Vince Young, a can’t miss prospect, decided he’d rather be an awful football player with out a team than to play for the Titans, instead choosing to be cut by the Buffalo Bills instead of attempting to succeed with this morbid franchise.

Not to mention they brought the world Adam “Pac Man” Jones and the phrase “making it rain”:

and have continued the tradition of classy people with Albert Haynesworth and his super stomp to the face of an opponent:

And have now passed the torch onto Kenny Britt and his ability to drive drunk and get into bar fights all while avoiding suspensions some how:

Its not often that I get to bring up the spotty past of a franchise after the off season the Lions just had but the fact I am this far into the article before bringing up the mess that was the Steve McNair murder-suicide by his girlfriend while his wife was at home with his children proves how awful they are.

Even the face of the franchise had quite the inauspicious end and this team is still in the league?  Why don’t they just move this team again too, I heard London wants a team, Toronto? Vancouver?  I say make Bud Adams sell this team and move them out of the country, maybe then they will provide something of value.

Now on to the current bunch of sad sack losers:

Jake Locker is their starting quarterback, he is from Washington and had a whopping 53% completion percentage during his college career and for some reason this team thinks he’ll change his inaccurate ways by having even bigger and faster guys trying to hit him.

They have a running back that ran for 2000 yards 3 years ago, then held out for more money and ever since has really taken after the franchise by becoming completely useless.

The defense has basically no one of note for me to even mention.  I recognize a few names like Michael Griffin and Akeem Ayers but that is only because the Lions at one point were rumored to be drafting either of them back when the draft was they only thing to look forward to as a Lions fan.

So look for a road win from the Lions and Stafford to throw for close to a thousand yards against this team.  Final score Lions 48 Titans -6.



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  1. what would the world be like if douchebags everywhere had never been introduced to the phrase “make it rain”?

    a much better place.

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