Tigers Offense Shows Up; Scherzer Hurts Shoulder

Max Scherzer gave up a run in the first, looked good in the second then was pulled from the game due to right shoulder soreness.

Yes, you should be concerned if it is ANYTHING more than a bit of fatigue.  The Tigers need this man in the last week plus of the season and the playoffs.  Desperately.

As some genius on twitter pointed out last week:


Scherzer since June 17: 11-2, 2.46 ERA, 106 IP 132K 16 starts…#summercyyoung


Verlander since June 14: 8-4, 3.10 ERA, 116 IP, 117K 16 Starts…#interstingsplits

As you can see, Max Scherzer has been outstanding, the Tigers best pitcher since mid June, so his loss is awful if it’s anything.  Just one missed start will be too much.

Ok, enough doom and gloom, Tigers won and proved why they can be dangerous in the playoffs, they took a pitcher that had been pitching well and beat the crap out of him then when his bull pen tried to stop the horror, they couldn’t either.

Miguel Cabrera had a nice night, a sac fly, double and two home runs including the Tigers first Grand Slam of the season.  He has now reached his single season high at 40 and became just the second Tiger ever to have 3 different season of more than 125 RBI.  This man is an MVP and a Hall of Famer.  Appreciate what you are seeing.

Oh, and he leads the league in batting average, is 6 RBI ahead of Josh Hamilton in the RBI race and now just 2 HR behind Hamilton for that lead.  Carl Yastrzemski is getting nervous.

Prince Fielder wanted to get in on the fun and had a home run too, with aforementioned Mr. Cabrera on the base paths as he reached the 100 RBI plateau himself…not too shabby.

All the Tigers can do at this point is keep winning and keep on hitting.  Forget about the White Sox, they have a tougher schedule left than the Tigers do so the standings will work themselves out as long as they don’t start giving away games again.



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