Tigers Defense Fails Them Again

Remember when Tiger’s fans thought they needed a new second baseman?  Because Ryan Raburn is awful and for some reason no one thought that Ramon Santiago can play everyday.

So, to get a pitcher and a second baseman the Tigers picked up Omar Infante, an allegedly stellar defensive second baseman that can hit too.

Well, 7 errors since being traded to the Tigers isn’t helping his claim to be good defensively and it cost the Tigers a win yesterday, putting them three games back instead of just one.

The Tigers come back to Detroit to play three against Oakland (the amazing A’s) then finish the season with 7 games against the pesky but very beatable Royals and 6 against the very beatable Minnesota Twins.

The Tigers are not out of the race but it is at a point now where most fans are getting quite fed up with the up and down season and the poor defense.

Miguel Cabrera for MVP hinges on making the playoffs.  If they do not make it, Mike Trout wins, no question about it.  If they make the playoffs, Cabrera has a chance…I’d rather Cabrera, Verlander and Jackson are completely left off every post season award ballot if it meant they went to the Playoffs, so listen up Baseball Gods…I’m making a deal with you!

And for those of you that don’t understand baseabll at all I have disappointing news: Brandon Inge is not playing for the A’s tonight.



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  1. Well, at least what I thought the big problem going into the season would be is what hurt us last night instead of our hitting or pitching.

    I won’t be disappointed with a playoff miss this year though, because I think it will force Leyland out (and with him hopefully Ryan Raburn and Danny Worthless, among other notable nobodies who grace our roster from time to time for no discernible reason other than Leyland has a hard on for the kid).

    Now, if we miss the playoffs and Leyland stays, I may get rid of cable for the 2013 season.

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