Not the Best Weekend For Detroit Sports

There will be more in depth write ups coming later this weekend on some of the football action this weekend around the state, but the quick, knee jerk reaction is this:

MSU falls flat against Notre Dame, the passing game that should have been able to take a step forward against a young and inexperienced ND secondary was unable to.

Le’Veon Bell for Heisman didn’t last half as long as the Javon Ringer for Heisman campaign did and that fizzed out before Halloween.

The Spartans also seem to lack a receiver that is willing to step up and be the go to guy as once again, may caught passes but no one showed any dominance.

The Wolverines beat up on a terrible UMass team.  There isn’t much to say about this, Denard Robinson once again racked up stupid looking video game like numbers but UMass is probably the worst team in College Football.

The Lions seemed to have issues with the 49ers defense and couldn’t get the running game going, which for some reason was a question because I could have told you a month ago the Lions won’t be able to run against the 49ers but they kept trying to do so instead of going to the award winning passing game.

The Defense played better than expected for most of the game, especially since  the secondary is comprised of players that wouldn’t be picked up of the Lions cut them.

From my point of view they seemed to be cutting down on the post play penalties except for the running into the kicker which game them an extra 4 points and a face masking penalty on VandenBosch that was a 25 yard swing.

They had the opportunity to get into some late play kerfuffles but were able to keep their cool as it seemed it was a part of the 49ers plan to bait them into taking those penalties.

The Tigers played up and down baseball all weekend but managed to win the first two and some how be in line for a win on Sunday to stay 1 game behind the White Sox but Jose Valverde decided to bring a gas can with him to the mound and light the infield on fire instead.

Two games back with the make up game starting at 2pm today and Doug Fister on the mound.  Really need this win.

Look for more updates and analysis on the Spartans and Lions and possibly the Wolverines if we can find Pot_Roast but so far, the initial searches have come up empty.



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